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  • $8.00

    SuperShave G3 // Compatible with Gillette MACH3 handle*

    3-blade cartridges // superior, platinum and glide polymer-coated blades and lubricating strip for superior glide, a closer shave, and super smooth sk...
  • $4.50

    Wonderflex 6 // refill cartridge

    The ultimate razor for women // perfect for body, underarms, and leg // get silky smooth skin, effortlessly.
  • $8.00

    Halo5 // Compatible with Schick Quattro handle*

    Premium 5-blade women's razor // superior pivoting head easily glides over skin, leaving it silky smooth. * While Halo razor cartridges can be used...
  • $8.50


    5-blade cartridges // superior blades paired with a lubricating strip for a flawless shave // a vailable in blue, green, yellow or red.

6 Item(s)

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